Sigma II TOP condensing gas air heater

Compact condensing gas air heater with high thermal efficiency. Unique heat exchanger technology secures a stable air temperature and continuous condensation.
icon Thermal efficiency 109.8% (accord. to LCV)
icon Permanent condensation
icon Continuous power modulation
  • Condensing gas air heater • Seasonal energy efficiency of heating 85.7%
  • Meets N.K. (EU) 2016/2281 and 2017 / C 229/01
  • Tested according to the new standard EN 17082/2020
  • Continuous power modulation according to flue gas temperature
  • Stainless steel exchanger EN 1.4541
  • Polished stainless steel blinds
  • Remote control on request
  • Connector for local or central control
  • Device status sensor connector
  • Increased ingress protection rating to IP 54 on request
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Free commissioning
  • Extended warranty up to 7 years based on contract

Flue gas temperature modulation

The continuous modulation system keeps the flue gas temperature at the set value. The electronic device checks the current flue gas temperature every 30 seconds and increases or decreases the burner output depending on whether the measured flue gas temperature is above or below the set value. The power is always reduced or increased by 3% of the current power value.

Thanks to the flue gas temperature modulation system, the flue gas temperature never exceeds 50 ° C, thus ensuring that the device keeps condensing throughout its operation while achieving an efficiency of 110% (according to LCV) throughout. This has a significantly positive effect on cutting operating costs.

New exchanger

To eliminate the negative effects of condensing units (i.e. low dT), we had to design a completely new flue gas / air exchanger during development. Unlike the classic air heater, the new exchanger is extended by a secondary exchanger. Thus, the exchanger in which the condensation takes place is in close proximity to the axial fan. The air stream then passes to the combustion chamber, where the air gains additional energy and is heated to the ideal temperature. As a result, the SIGMA II condensing heater always heats up perfectly.

Efficiency of 110% (according to LCV)

Such high efficiency is achieved by obtaining additional energy, which arises from the change of state during the condensation of water vapor contained in the flue gas to water. This process adds about 11% of energy with a combustion efficiency of 98.7%.

Sezonní energetická účinnost % 85.7 85.7
Jmenovitý příkon Nom. | Min. kW 29 | 15 38 | 19
Jmenovitý výkon LCV Nom. | Min. kW 31 | 16 40 | 20
NOx mg/kWh 46 46
Δt Nom. | Min. °C 35 | 20 35 | 20
Dosah proudu vzduchu aktivní m 17 20
Průtok vzduchu m3/h 4000 5000
Elektrický příkon celého zařízení W 310 610
Hladina akustického tlaku dB(A) 58.7 63.3
Elektrické připojení V | Hz 230 | 50 230 | 50
Elektrické krytí ventilátor | hořákový box | plášť IP 54 | 40 | 20 54 | 40 | 20
Připojovací tlak plynu kPa 1,8 – 4 1,8 – 4
Spotřeba plynu G20 Nom. | Min. m3/h 2,8 | 1,4 3,6 | 1,8
Hmotnost kg 87 98