Compact II ECO gas radiant tube

An affordable version of the gas infrared heater with quick and easy installation. Despite its affordability, it uses an overpressure burner system with an even temperature distribution.
icon Economic version
icon New overpressure burner
  • New overpressure burner
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Heat-resistant thin tubes
  • Flue gas temperature modulation, two-stage output
  • Expansion joints every 2 m, protected by a utility model
  • Special structured aluminum reflector with high reflectivity
  • Connector for local or central control connection
  • Device status sensor connector
  • Free commissioning
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years based on contract

New pressure burner

In COMPACT2 we use a brand new overpressure burner, developed specifically for this innovative infrared radiator. Generally speaking, overpressure burners have a very high combustion efficiency but a short flame. With our technical solution, we managed to stretch the flame to an even greater length than the previous model. As a result, the temperatures of the radiation tubes are evenly distributed and there is no overheating in the first two meters behind the burner box.



Easy installation

The gas radiant tube is delivered right from the Lersen production plant in individual segments 2m in length, already completely assembled. Therefore, the assembly itself is very simple: you just need to assemble them together and connect with six screws.



MOM – DAD Dilatation

COMPACT2 uses a unique dilatation system developed at Lersen. It is a system we familiarly call “MOM <-> DAD”. The radiation tubes are equipped with very precisely turned flanges, which are welded to the radiation tube. The “MOM” flange is firmly attached to the segment face and the “DAD” flange is loose. When the radiating tubes start to expand due to the heat, the “DAD” flange slides into the “MOM” flange. The dilatation therefore takes place inside the radiation tubes and does not affect the design of the device. Infrared heaters are therefore not deformed by heat and always remain dimensionally stable.




The electronics in the new COMPACT2 gas radiant tube keep the burner fan running at minimum speed after the heating has been switched off, thus preventing the direction of the draft from rotating. The hot air, heated by the accumulated heat from the radiation tubes, therefore still flows from the burner to the flue and the energy is gradually sent into the hall without uselessly escaping by suction to the exterior. The whole system is controlled by a temperature sensor in the flue gas, so the time for HEATENDING can vary and is determined by the speed at which the residual heat is sent to the hall.


Lersen’s ANTI-CONDENSATION system can effectively prevent condensation in the radiant tubes by not allowing the burner to switch off until the device warms up to operating temperature, helping to extract any condensate, but it has little effect on eliminating condensate in long uninsulated or coaxial flues.

Seasonal energy efficiency % 85,9 85,9
Rated power input – G20 Nom. | Min. kW 38 | 29 49 | 36
Rated power – G20 Nom. | Min. kW 34,6 | 26,4 44,6 | 32,8
Combustion efficiency LCV Nom. | Min. % 92 | 90,5 92 | 90,5
Transmitted power – G20 Nom. | Min. kW 26,6 | 20,3 34,3 | 25,2
Radiation efficiency % 70 70
Value NOx mg/kWh 122 122
Electric burner box cover | other IP 40 | 00 40 | 00
Natural gas consumption Nom. | Min. m3/hod 3,6 | 2,8 4,7 | 3,4
Weight kg 137 174