Airmix destratificator

Reliable under-ceiling fan for efficient air mixing. The ideal solution for those who want to save initial investment costs.
icon Reduction of heating costs
icon Improving work environment
icon Economic version
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Suitable for installation in aisles between shelves
  • Effective installation height 6 to 12 m
  • Air flow direction adjustable by louver slats
  • Three fan versions for each hall height
  • High air volume
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty: 2 years

AIRMIX under-ceiling fans are used for efficient mixing of air in industrial halls with poor insulation, especially in combination with hot air heating. They ensure a forced flow of heated air in the vertical direction into the workspace and thus reduce the temperature drop between the upper and lower part of the hall.

AIRMIX under-ceiling fans are the ideal solution for those who want to cut initial investment costs. They are especially suitable in combination with ZETA hot water air heaters. When using ALFA II gas air heaters in EKO mode in well-insulated halls, the installation of destratifiers is unnecessary, because stratification of these units does not occur or is marginal. AIRMIX with double-sided louvers is especially suitable for instance in aisles between shelves.

AM 40 AM 45 AM 50
Power consumption 230V / 50Hz W 230 380 420
Current 230V / 50Hz A 1,1 1,7 1,9
El. unit / motor cover IP 20/54 20/54 20/54
Air flow m3/h 4 000 5 000 6 000
Radius of action m 7 8 9
Covered area m2 49 64 81
Installation min. / max. m 5 /7 7 /9  8 /10
Weight kg 14 16 18