Gas air heater for Beta E air conditioning

Outdoor gas air heater for air conditioning with vertical or horizontal installation options. Highly reliable solution with using state-of-the-art technologies.
icon Exterior design
icon Continuous power modulation
icon Fan speed control
  • Exterior version for connection to HVAC
  • Applicable pressure drop 100 – 450 Pa
  • Design for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Continuous burner power modulation
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Economical fans from the German manufacturer EBM
  • 2-year warranty with the possibility of extension

Benefits of roof installation, horizontal installation:

  • does not take up space in the hall area
  • no need to consider workplace location
  • easy service access, no platform
  • can be used either with an exhalation louver or connected to an air conditioning distribution

Installation from the side of the hall

The vertical installation option is suitable wherever it is not possible or appropriate for the gas appliance to be located inside the hall. This installation method provides easy access for service and does not take up space inside. The unit and the original components of the air distribution systems are insulated and can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Powerful fans

The BETA I and E units are equipped with high-performance fans, which can also be connected to long air ducts thanks to a operating pressure drop of up to 450 Pa. Furthermore, they are characterized by refined operation with the possibility of speed control, all at the same time with very low electricity consumption.

Rated power max. kW 35,5 44,6
Rated power min. kW 23,4 29,4
Efficiency (max. Power consumption) % 91,1 91
Efficiency (min. Power consumption) % 92,5 92,3
DeltaT (max.) °C 25 27
Air flow max. m3 / h 3500 4500
Pressure loss Pa 100-450 100-350
Voltage V / Hz 230/50 230/50
Weight kg 177 189