Iota GAS gas gate curtain

The unique gas gate curtain is an energy-saving solution ensuring an immediate supply of heated air. Original construction with the possibility of horizontal and vertical use.
icon Warm air without delay
icon Original design
icon Adjustable blinds
  • Original Lersen design
  • Energy saving solution
  • Overpressure gas burner
  • Automatic operation with STAND-BY system
  • Heated air available immediately
  • Two fan versions for stronger and weaker airflow
  • Length of 3, 4 and 5 m, effective range of 4 and 5 m
  • Vertical or horizontal installation above the door
  • 2-year warranty with the possibility of extension

Unique design

When developing the IOTA GAS gas gate curtain, we built on many years of experience in the field of infrared tubes. We used a proven PENTA pressure burner for the curtain, which provides sufficient power and creates a shorter flame, desirable for this type of product.

As an exchanger, we used heat resistant thin tubes, which we provided with fins to increase the heat transfer area. The flame, similarly to infrared tubes, runs inside the exchanger tube, which is cooled by an air flow provided by three, four or five powerful axial fans, depending on the type.

Stand-by automatic preheating

The STAND-BY system aims to eliminate one of the negative phenomena that usually occurs in gas gate curtains.

If a gas gate burner is used for heating, the combustion chamber must be ventilated for at least 30 seconds before it is ignited. During this time, the gate is already open and the curtain only works when it is cold.

STAND-BY mode keeps the curtain exchanger preheated and this accumulated heat is immediately available as soon as the gate is opened.

Although in this transient time the temperature of the outlet air is not as high as during the operation of the burner itself, based on practical experience, we can say that we managed to eliminate this negative phenomenon very effectively.

IOTA G0345 IOTA G0350 IOTA G0445 IOTA G0450 IOTA G0545 IOTA G0550
Rated power max. kW 29,7 29,7 37,8 37,8 53,8 53,8
Efficiency (max. Power consumption) % 90 90 90 90 91,2 91,2
Δt (max.) °C 18 13 18 13 17 12
Airflow range m 4 5 4 5 4 5
Air flow m3 / h 7800 12000 10400 16000 13000 20000
Electrical input 230V W 1140 1260 1520 1640 1900 2100
Sound pressure level dB(A) 69 72 69 72 69 72
Gas consumption m3 / h 3,4 3,4 4,7 4,7 6,1 6,1
Weight kg 235 241 303 311 400 410