Zeta TOP hot water air heater

Modern hot water heater with highly efficient fans ensuring higher air flow. An effective solution for small and large businesses with a wide range of accessories.
icon Highly efficient fans
icon Modern design
icon Optional accessories
  • HyBlade fans with plastic diffuser
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Aggressive environment version on request
  • Single-phase fan design
  • Remote control with air flow control
  • Two, three and four row exchangers
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Standard stainless steel blinds
  • Windmax secondary blinds for greater airflow range
  • Can also be used for cooling under specific conditions
  • Extended warranty up to 7 years based on contract

New more efficient fans

ZETA TOP units use state-of-the-art axial fans with plastic diffuser, which ensure a 10% increase in air flow with the same power input.


New exchangers

We used a new heat exchanger geometry for the new ZETA units. The new slats have a pitch of 4.23 mm, which ensures better air flow and eliminates the risk of dust clogging. The exchangers are made of copper and aluminum by default to withstand aggressive environments. They can be provided with a special surface treatment and the housing of the unit made of stainless steel.


Lots of accessories

We have prepared a large number of blinds and anemostats for the ZETA units. They can be connected to mixing chamber assemblies that can provide ventilation in the summer.


Remote control

Enables you to continuously change the fan speed. It can also be switched to full power or switched off completely.

Solutions for aggressive environments

You can also order the aggressive environment version of a ZETA TOP unit. Here, the exchanger is fitted with a special, highly durable surface. The whole device is made of stainless steel and the electrical part has increased ingress protection rating of IP 54, including an all-plastic fan. These units are widely used in agricultural production in animal husbandry or meat processing.

ZET1230 ZET1235 ZET3235 ZET3245 ZET3335 ZET3345 ZET4345 ZET4445
Output at 5°C (80/60°C) kW 10 12 18 22 25 29 46 53
Output at 15°C (80/60°C) kW 8 10 15 18 21 24 39 44
Air flow m3/h 1420 2290 2740 4190 2660 3800 4790 4590
Δt air 15°C (80/60°C) °C 18 14 16 13 25 20 25 29
Power voltage (230V) W 72 146 146 279 146 279 279 279
Electrical input V/Hz 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
El. cover unit / motor IP 20/44 20/44 20/44 20/44 20/44 20/44 20/44 20/44
Airflow range m 8 12 15 18 13 16 20 18
Weight kg 15 16 22 25 27 32 37 48