AWA32 air-water-air heat pump system

The AWA32 heating system includes a FEIHCD100S3 heat pump as well as a special ZETA TC air heater with an EC axial fan for heating and cooling industrial halls.
icon Power of 32 kW at +7°C outdoors
icon High SCOP of 4.85
icon R32 refrigerant, 3,5 kg only (GWP 675)

Good prices within the set:
Heat pump FEIHCD100 ………… CZK 160,000 without VAT
Hot water heater ZETA TC …….. CZK  65,000 without VAT

The AWA32 system offers:

  • Optional HEATING / COOLING mode
  • dT of heated/cooled air 10 to 20°C
  • Air flow up to 5,800 m3/hour
  • Air flow range 20 m


The AWA32 system includes:

Heat pump air-water

    • FEIHCD100S3 heat pump
      • Power of 32 kW at +7°C outdoors
      • Power of 25 kW at -7°C outdoors
      • COP 4.6 at a temperature drop of 30/35°C and +7°C outdoors
      • COP 2.7 at a temperature drop of 40/45°C and -7°C outdoors

Zeta TC, water air heater

        • split heat exchanger 6 rows
        • hydrophilic film
        • tray for draining condensate
        • EC axial fan
        • thermo-manometer
        • circulator
        • expansion tank
        • solid particles filter
        • low and high pressure protection
        • wireless room thermostat with a weekly program

Connection hoses set

        • 2 pcs flexible hose stainless steel with insulation for exterior 1.5 m, connection 6/4″
        • 2 pcs flexible stainless steel hose with insulation for interior 3 m, connection 6/4″
        • 2 pcs T piece with filling valve


        • console fixed 900 mm (pair) or swivel, reinforced construction

Installation options

The AWA32 heat pump system is delivered as SPLIT, where the heat pump is located outside and connected by two hoses to a special ZETA TC air heater. The system thus forms one heating/cooling unit, which works automatically according to the program selected by the user with the help of a weekly digital room thermostat.

The exterior unit of the heat pump can either be placed on the side of the hall on a separate console or on a sufficiently high plinth in order to allow condensate to drain.

A+++ energy level

With the highest A+++ energy class, the unit is the most energy-efficient and can significantly reduce energy costs for customers. However, in order to keep the dT of the heated air as low as possible, it is necessary to operate the system with the lowest possible temperature drop and the highest air flow. The system can also be operated at a very comfortable dT of 20°C, with the necessity of accounting for a reduction in COP efficiency, as shown in the following graph.

The graph shows typical values of the FEIHCD product series. The specific values could be different for individual models, see the User Manual.

Fast defrosting

The heat pump uses smart defrosting by frequency control and EEV technology. At the same time, thanks to the microprocessor used, which is part of the hot water air heater ZETA TC, the defrosting system is intelligently controlled so that the cold air affects the thermal comfort in the hall as little as possible.

EVI + DC inverter technology

With this technology, the heat pump can optimally control the frequency and EEV according to the surrounding temperature and return water temperature and refrigerant volume of the main refrigerant circuit, even if the ambient temperature drops below -15°C. A heat pump can provide a very decent heating performance even without any auxiliary electric heater.

Connection hoses set

As an optional accessory, we offer a set of flexible connection hoses for easy installation. The set contain of a 1.5 m long stainless steel hose with insulation for the exterior and a 3 m long stainless steel hose with insulation for the interior. These hoses are connected by a T-piece with a 3/4″ ball valve for easy filling and draining of the heating medium (water + glycol). The connections are sealed with an O-ring inside the 6/4″ nuts.

Model ZEATC32
Exchanger Cu/Al rowes 6
Lamella surface hydrophilic
Heating power 50/45/15 °C kW 36
Heating power 50/45/20 °C kW 32
dT heating 50/45/15 °C* °C 24
dT heating 50/45/20 °C* °C 20
Cooling capacity 8/12/25 °C kW 19
dT cooling 8/12/25 °C* °C 9
EC fan mm 500
Air flow** m3/h 5.800
Outlet air velocity*|** m/s 4,2
Airflow range m 22
Maximum pipe length m 6
Connection, 2x external thread 6/4“
Medium volume l 45
Power consumption | Voltage total W | V 1.370 | 230
Current total A 7,1
Weight without medium kg 160

* Average value, it differs in individual locations of the exchanger
** Mean value, the value changes with the temperature of the medium