Wireless central regulation iLersen.NET

Wireless central control solution with interactive online interface. Control your devices from anywhere with a host of smart features and analyses.
icon Wireless central control
icon Web browser control
icon Free version free of charge at all times
  • Wireless solution for significant electrical wiring cost cuts
  • Can also be used on older LERSEN devices
  • Control anytime, anywhere via a web browser
  • Up to 50 devices per GATEWAY
  • Temperature sensors equipped with a battery, without the need for power supply
  • Connection via ETHERNET or GSM modem outside the user’s network
  • No limit on zone creation
  • Creation of heating programs without limit
  • Hysteresis, user settings option
  • Start delay, heaters start gradually
  • Anti-condensation, heaters are in operation for a minimum time
  • Boost, different temperature preferences for the selected time
  • Monitoring of exterior temperature from the weather server
  • Statistics of temperatures and heating times with the possibility of export to CSV
  • Alert emails in case of failure
  • Available in Czech and English

Gateway controls and manages a wireless MESH network consisting of temperature sensors and HVAC controllers. It secures communication with even the most remote devices thanks to signal redistribution from one device to another.

As for the temperature, the system obtains information from the temperature sensor, while the information about the status of the heaters comes from the three IN inputs of the HVAC controller.

The heaters are controlled via three relay OUT outputs of the HVAC controller. Gateway controls the individual heaters or zones in accordance with the heating programs created by the user in their website profile at www.ilersen.net.

In case of Internet connection error between the web server and Gateway, Gateway operates completely autonomously and manages the zones according to the last program settings. In case of Gateway failure, when communication with the HVAC controllers is lost, the heaters are automatically switched off and the system immediately sends an alert email about what has happened.