AWA32 air-water-air heat pump system

The AWA32 heating system includes a FEIHCD100S3 heat pump, a hydrobox as well as a special ZETA TC air heater with an EC axial fan for heating and cooling industrial halls.
icon Power of 32 kW at +7°C outdoors
icon High SCOP of 4.85
icon R32 refrigerant (GWP 675)
  • Optional HEATING / COOLING mode
  • dT of heated air 10-20°C
  • Adjustable air flow from 4,000 to 6,000 m3/hour

The AWA32 system includes:

  • FEIHCD100S3 heat pump
  • Power of 32 kW at +7°C outdoors
  • Power of 25 kW at -7°C outdoors
  • COP 4.6 at a temperature drop of 30/35°C and +7°C outdoors
  • COP 2.7 at a temperature drop of 40/45°C and -7°C outdoors


  • buffer tank 50l / 120l
  • water pumps for primary and secondary circuit
  • heating and cooling water thermostats
  • expansion tank
  • low and high pressure protection

Zeta TC

  • 6-row split heat exchanger
  • hydrophilic film
  • condensate tray
  • EC axial fan
  • thermo-manometer

Installation options

You can order the AWA32 heat pump system as a SPLIT set, where the hydrobox is placed above the ZETA TC air heater and forms one unit, or as 3 separate components with the possibility of placing the hydrobox on the ground or on a pillar under the ZETA TC air heater.

The exterior unit of the heat pump can either be placed on the side of the hall on a separate console or on a sufficiently high plinth in order to allow condensate to drain.

A+++ energy level

With the highest A+++ energy class, the unit is the most energy-efficient and can significantly reduce energy costs for customers. However, in order to keep the dT of the heated air as low as possible, it is necessary to operate the system with the lowest possible temperature drop and the highest air flow. The system can also be operated at a very comfortable dT of 20°C, with the necessity of accounting for a reduction in COP efficiency, as shown in the following graph.

Fast defrosting

The heat pump makes use of smart defrosting by way of frequency control and EEV technology. Thanks to the use of a buffer tank hidden in the Hydrobox, cold air does not leave the ZETA TC air heater, because the exterior unit takes its defrosting energy from the buffer tank and not from the hall.

EVI + DC inverter technology

With this technology, the heat pump can optimally control the frequency and EEV according to the surrounding temperature and return water temperature and refrigerant volume of the main refrigerant circuit, even if the ambient temperature drops below -15°C. A heat pump can provide a very decent heating performance even without any auxiliary electric heater.


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